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January 17, 2017

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June 22, 2017

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Making babies (aka seed starting)

March 8, 2018



If you follow along on my Instagram or you’ve pretty much ever had a conversation with me you will learn that I dream of a farm.  A big white farmhouse with creaky wood floors to welcome families and friends.  Kids artwork and amazing photography of our children adorning the walls.  A few chickens, pecking for worms and providing delciously fresh eggs.  And a vegetable garden full of as yumminess as it is color.  


Unfortunately our HOA disapproves of chickens (boo) and we don’t have a huge backyard to grow a garden (double boo) so for now our farm dream is on hold.  But while at the store the other day I saw a display selling seeds.  I always love to look and we always talk about how ONE DAY we will have this amazing garden and point out all the seeds we will purchase for it.


My farm and garden obsession has gotten so bad that I now watch YouTube videos on homesteading and gardening for funsies.  Yes.  I am a farmer nerd.  Recently I watched a video  by Luke of the YouTube channel MIGardener where he discussed the process of stratification in order to better yield better germination rates on lavender seed - in other words the seeds like it when you trick them into thinking it’s winter before you try to grow them by putting them in a wet paper towel in the fridge for a month.  But “stratification” and “germination” sounds so much more farmer-y though. 


Anywho, my little girlies helped me with this process today.  Although the girls called it “making babies.”   Together we gathered up some ziptop baggies, some paper towels and water and of course the 3 types of seeds that somehow leapt straight from that lovely display and into my cart.  


Luke does a great job of explaining the entire thing so be sure to check out his video.  


It was so fun to see how each of our seeds were lavender but each type looked different.  We tried to guess he size before we opened each package. 


Per the videos instructions we moistened our towels and slid them into our carefully labeled baggies. 


I poured tiny seeds into little hands. 


This part is not in the video but apparently, speaking encouraging words over your seeds is also a necessary part of the stratification process. :)




Finally we “tucked the babies in” by carefully placing our seeds onto the wet paper towel and gently pressing them in so they got a nice drink. 





And there you have it!  



Our babies are all nice and tucked in, like human children they too needed a drink before their nap and are now ready to sleep in our fridge for a few weeks to a month. 


It’s been at most an hour since we finished and the girlies have checked at least 3 times to make sure their lavender babies were napping nicely.  Afterall, we wouldn’t want any wild lavender seeds jumping on their beds when they should be napping.  Not that that ever happens around here. Nope.  No sir...


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