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January 17, 2017

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June 22, 2017

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The one about flour covered hands

January 26, 2017

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a little weird.  Well... I prefer the term "quirky."   I do weird things and I notice weird things and yeah. I guess I'm a little weird. 


Take for example, at Christmas time my kiddos and I had a sugar cookie baking par-tay in my kitchen.  A great messy was made by all. When my (ironically gluten free) daughter INSISTED on measuring out the flour for the cookies I couldn't get over her hands.  Covered in white powder those hands are getting bigger each and every day no matter how much I wish. hope. pray for them to stop.  There they are.  7 (and a half!) years old already and they do some AMAZING things.  



Those hands draw me beautiful pictures and make me wonderful cards that brighten up my darkest days.  Those hands still grab my finger in parking lots because she knows I am always looking out for her.  Those hands grab onto the back of my shirt while tears stream down her face after she's fallen off her bike.  Those hands carefully select the perfect dandelions and wild flowers and present me a beautiful bouquet all spring summer. 


And one day those hands will go ahead and leave her mama's nest to start her own journey in the real world...


Have you ever sat and wondered what you're child's hands will do in the future?  Probably not, because you're not weird like me.  Will they hold the hand of their soul mate?  Will they cradle their newborns baby's bottom?  Will they be clasped in prayer often? Will they turn the pages of some amazing books? Will they wipe away her tears? Will they save a life? What will her hands do in this amazing life?!?



Seriously all of these thoughts happened in about a nanosecond of time.  I only did what any other weird, photo obsessed mother would do - I wiped my dirty hands on a towel and grabbed my very expensive camera and yes, I took about a zillion and a half photos of my daughter and her flour covered hands. 



And you know what?  I don't even care if that's weird.  


I know I will treasure these images of a random Saturday in December 20 years from now when she's grown and has her own family.  When I look back through my photo books just before her wedding, I can guarantee some tears will be dropped on to those images.  Every time I think I about making Christmas cookies these images will come to mind.  Heck!  Every time I freak out about the fact that she may be getting gluten poisoned (so daily...) I will remember these photos, my food encased camera and the flour mess on my counters.   


They may be simple.  They may be messy.  But they are my memories. 

They are beautiful.



P.S.  No worries about any gluten issues.  She didn't eat these cookies.  I ordered some specially made gluten free ones for her from a local gluten free bakery and her hands were washed EXTREMELY throughly right after this. 

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