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January 17, 2017

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2-ingredient Banana Pancakes

June 22, 2017

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Look what we did today!

January 17, 2017

Prepare to be super jealous but this is what we did today:

 Hahahaha... Just kidding. We have a snow day...


cause... it... rained?  ::insert eyebrow lift here::

Yeah.... Anywho....


This picture is from July 2014, when my husbands best friend and his family made a pilgrimage to the Zeeland and we took them to the Splash Pad for some fun in the sun.  


Want to know a secret?


Today is the first time I've ever seen them.  Why?  Well, an easy answer would be like a week after these were taken I went and had my 4th baby making me just a wee bit busier... but I'm not sure that's entirely 100% true.


 That's pure joy on Mimi's face right there. 


You see, like many of you, my dear friends, my pictures tend to get downloaded to the computer and then sort of... disappear... never to see the light of day again. Whomp whomp. What's the point of even taking the time to take the photos?


I started offering prints only my clients for this very reason.  Too many would have the shoot, love the images and then NEVER PRINT THEM.  Sigh.  Now, that's just silly.


Since recent events have shown me just how crazy life can be and one never knows when it is ones turn to be at the pearly gates (RIP Anthony), I decided it was high time my personal photos got organized and wait for it... PRINTED!  If not print prints than put into a little year book album thingie.  Shocker, I know! 


I had big plans to spend the day uploading my personal images to Google Photos (GP cause we's besties) and from there organizing them into albums and eventually using the Chatbooks app to make fun photo books for our family.  


Annnnnnnd then we had a snow day... cause... it... rained?.  


I didn't let that get me down though (because we have the Nick Jr app) and I've been working slowly but surely to get the images backup.  During my scouring for files I discovered 7 (YES 7) "dump" folders where I would quick dump my memory card on my way out the door vowing to get back to it but never did.  That's a LOTTA space eaten on my hard drive of images that are blurry, weird or of up Liam's nose, knowwhatimean?


The good thing about GP is that once you tell it where the photos are it works in the background to upload them.  While my images are uploading to GP I am working on the dump files: culling, editing and organizing.  


So why am I rambling on about this?  Cause I'm counting on you guys to not let me falter on this.  I am the family/neighborhood/state of Michigan memory keeper.  The secrets of where files are on my {very disorganized} computer hard drives lives and dies with me.  I don't want my distraught family searching through THOUSANDS of images to find the one they are looking for.  You know the one where my hair is all nice and you don't see my double chin.


Plus I keep remembering an ad from Canon a few years ago.  #canonrocks


A little girl asked her mom why she only had pictures of her brother printed and on the wall and the mom says something like "because when you were born we used Facebook."  The little girl then proceeds to smash a bunch of glassware in the house. It was soooooooo funny and sooooooo convicting at the same time.


{ EDITED TO ADD:  I found the ad on YouTube!! }

So there you have it.  I'm counting on you guys to help me get my photos off my computer and into my hands.  Tips, resources you'd like to share or just nagging me until I get it done are appreciated. 


Yes, sirree bobski, fingers crossed by the time the Forsyths come to visit again I'll actually have pictures to show... from our trip to the splash pad... in 2014.  #progressnotperfection




One more picture because I love how Isaac is intentionally getting pelted in the face with water. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

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