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January 17, 2017

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2-ingredient Banana Pancakes

June 22, 2017

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The one about being in pictures

January 10, 2017

Being in pictures is hard, yo!


As much as I babble on and on (and on and on and on...) about how important it is to show up in your photos and capture your life - I sure do hate walkin' the walk. Mercy.


For example: I've been working on my website as of late and I needed a new picture of me. Bleh. I had big plans for backdrops and outfits, balloons and cupcakes and then BAM! Arctic weather. Touché', Mother Nature. Touché. 


Always resourceful, I did the next best thing. I went to the room with the prettiest natural light in mi casa (our dining room), set my camera on a stack of books and bribed my 4 year old with fruit snacks to just keep hitting the shutter.  I do not see the flaw in this plan... 


The results? 






They say a picture speaks 1,000 words so I'll just show you. 


That last one is the point at which the microscopic remnants of my sanity finally went out the drafty window. 




Why is it when a camera is precariously placed in front of me I morph into the worlds biggest dork?!?


I mean seriously, nothing says like "professional photographer" than a lady doing duck face with her cat, amiright? 


Although, to be fair the cat's name is Shutter so it kinda works....


Anywho, I envy you guys.  Seriously.  You have me! And I can make you not look like a giant doofus in your photos. I've been doing this long enough that I can get the images where you look gawd-geous dahling and not "smile and back away slowly."  I need a me.  Quick!  Someone invent a cloning machine! 


...Unless crazy cat lady is your jam. In that case - I'm your girl too! 


I must say for being four and consuming approximately 5 of Walmart's finest smiley face fruit snacks (don't judge!), they weren't all bad though. Yes, sirree.  Out of the 200+ pictures he snapped (he's snap happy like his mama) I got two that I don't entirely hate... that much.  Meh.


So there you have it.


Hello, world. This is me. It's nice to meet you.


P.S. In some of the pictures you can see my pinkish/purple peek-a-boo highlights that I talked about on Instagram. Don't follow me on Instagram?  Well.... why not?!?!?   Check out my imperfect gloriousnessness here


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