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January 17, 2017

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2-ingredient Banana Pancakes

June 22, 2017

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The one about crayons

December 21, 2016

First off. Let's discuss something. How do you pronounce the word "crayon." Being born and raised in NY, I say cray-on but I have friends that make it sound more like crown.  I'm not sure who is right but I digress.


I have a love/hate relationship with cray-ons/crowns.  I LOVE that it allows my kiddos to use their imagination. To create. To draw. To imagine. To fill my walls with beautiful masterpieces that I love to look at everyday.  



I HATE that it always to end up in places it shouldn't be. Like my countertops, my cabinets or my personal favorite impossible to clean upholstery. Yay.  I love the artwork. Hate the mess. 


Family sessions are a bit the same, aren't they? We all know we "need" them or we "should" have them at least but the stress and anxiety before hand is really a struggle to overcome for some of my beloved clients.  Matching outfits. Naughty children. Temper tantrum throwing husbands. Been there. Done that. On both sides of the camera.  :)


So in 2017 I want to make it easier for everyone. Y'all know how much I love my vintage couches in fields sessions but I also love the messy imperfections of a life with kiddos. L-O-V-E me some Pinterest but I hate seeing my friends all stressed out and worked up about their sessions so it's no fun anymore.  No one needs one more "to-do" on an already jam packed list.


I guess what I'm saying, my dear friend, is don't worry about getting that perfect Pinterest picture where everyone smiles and everything looks happy but really you want to strangle the man you married and the kids are so whiny you'd think the session was at a vineyard. Embrace the crazy!!!!!!! So what if your kid wants to wear a Batman costume to the Christmas pageant (ala my friend Charlie here). So what if your toddler decided she doesn't want to wear the $50 dress you bought and instead wants to wear her most favoritest t shirt ever that she wears everyday. Ignore the crayons on the wall... and counter... and cabinets that takes away from our Pinterest perfection and embrace the beautiful, wild artwork that is your family. 


Oh and buy Magic Eraser sponges in bulk from Amazon. :)

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