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January 17, 2017

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June 22, 2017

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The one about precious cargo

December 13, 2016

Beautiful west Michigan is covered in a blanket of shimmering white snow. There's no time I love our house more than when it is set off by the fluffy white stuff. 


Driving in said albeit gorgeous but slippery snow, not so much my favorite.


I'd like to apologize now. If you get behind a Suburban chock full of kids, sporting reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose, driving approximately 3 miles per hour please, don't be upset. It's only me. 


This morning on our way to school this morning (late AGAIN), there was a large semi barreling down the road far exceeding what I would deem a safe speed for the conditions. My son, Henry is four and was of course wanting to know why we were driving "soooooooooo slow" and therefore delaying his Paw Patrol-so-mommy-can-wash-dishes-or-have-a-cup-of-coffee time. His 5 year old brother then chimed in "yeah! That truck is going so much faster!"


I watched in horror as that semi then hit a patch of black ice and while you could hear his brakes locking up, he proceeded to slide through a busy intersection just barely missing a school bus full of kids headed to school. Oh my word. Talk about getting the old ticker going in the morning. Good gravy. 


I, of course, slowed down even further when I heard my eldest, my 7 year old daughter, speak up from the back seat "whoa! That was close! He could have lost all that precious cargo." I pulled up to the stop sign and watched my kids in the rear view mirror for a moment. How could she only think of the truck? 


That truck didn't have precious cargo. I don't care if it was full of chocolate cheesecake and diamonds. That bus and this beast of a Suburban with reindeer antlers is what is really carrying the precious cargo. People are what's precious. Not things. How did we all get so messed up? 


"Mimi," I said "the truck and its cargo should be the least of the worries. That bus is filled with your school mates. Their parents entrusted that driver to take their most precious belongings safely to school. They kissed them on the forehead this morning and said see you later. Whatever is in that truck, aside from the driver, can never, ever, EVER in a zillion years get even close to the precious cargo the bus driver and I have in our vehicles. Ever." 


I carefully made my turn, got the big kids dropped off at school safe and sound and made our way back down the snowy roads towards home. As I sit here, sipping yesterday's stale coffee (bleh) I can't help but wonder how I can instill in my children that it's people and moments that they should collect, not things. Where did I go wrong that their first concern was whatever was in the back of that truck?!?  


But then I remember once reading that the best moms are the ones that think they've fallen short everyday. If this is true, I'm mom of the year. Seriously. I always feel as if I am failing at my children. That I'm not teaching them the right things. 


Yep, this morning I sit and think maybe I was put on that road to witness that near disastrous collision because I was supposed use that moment to teach my 5 beautiful offspring about what is truly important. Rather than it being another way to convict me of my shortfalls, it was a carefully set up (although way to close for my liking, thank-you-very-much!) plan for me to provide a teaching moment to our kids.  Maybe it was so that I could stop and let my children know how much I love and adore them on a busy Tuesday morning. I'm not sure, but I, for one, definitely let my hug at the drop off line last a few extra moments this morning and I've given up on dishes for now to watch Paw Patrol with my littles. 


Instead of barreling down this snowy road of life and narrowly missing a Suburban filled with my most precious cargo I'm trying to slow down, take a breath and make darn tootin' sure that that cargo gets to its destination in one piece (even if it's minus a library book).


Drive safe, my friends!

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