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January 17, 2017

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June 22, 2017

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The one about cookies

December 9, 2016

I have AMAZING friends. Seriously. AMAZING friends who answer my late night Facebook Message because they too are up nursing a baby.  AMAZING friends that say yes when their weird photography obsessed friend (ahem... me) ask if they want to take photos while they bake cookies with their kiddos.


Basically, I have my friend Amanda and she is amazing. 

Aren't Amanda and her hubby like the cutest thing ever? 


Amanda was gracious enough to let me bring 3 of my littles (the big 2 were at school) and included them in the cookie making fun! (Lets see if you can spot my brunettes amongst Amanda's gorgeous redheads.) She found the best soft chocolate chip cookies recipe here (literally, that's what they're called), gathered up the troops, washed our hands and got our bake on.

Sisterly love. 


The kids had the best time pouring in ingredients and you know, making a giant mess in poor Amanda's (adorable) kitchen!


Finally after all that hard work making a giant mess, it was time to eat dough off the beaters! Ahem... I mean, bake the cookies. :)

 These two were so cute watching their cookies bake! 


While we waited what seems like FOREVER there was some fun playing, book reading, drives down the hallway and of course, baby snuggles to be had.  Cause seriously.  #momlife

Finally the buzzer went off and the cookies were ready to come out of the oven!

They look soooooooo yummy, right? Don't mind me drooling on my keyboard over here. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. 


FINALLY!  It was the moment we've all been impatiently waiting for.  Let's eat! Gimme da cookie!!!!!!

Yum! Judging by the messy faces and sticky hands we had to clean up I think the cookies were enjoyed by one and all.

Can I just say that like the cookies, these photos are amazing?  Just looking at then brings back the amazing smell coming from the oven, the sound of contagious giggles from the kiddos and most important the love shared between two friends and their children in that kitchen a few weeks ago.  


Photography is amazing, don't you think?  You can't deny that photos are so much more than a pretty image printed on a piece of nice paper or a file to be shared on your Facebook page. They are a tangible memory you can hold in your hand and in your heart.  Photos hit the pause button on an already life for an hour and allow us to connect with those we love most.   They document your love your life story. 


And maybe serve as an excuse to make some yummy cookies with friends and family.  


I'll bring the camera, you bake/paint/play/create/dance with those you love and together we'll make some amazing memories to last a lifetime. 




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