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January 17, 2017

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2-ingredient Banana Pancakes

June 22, 2017

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The one where I'm almost fashionable

December 7, 2016

Hahahahaha. I know. Erin and fashionable in one  sentence? HILARIOUS! 

But it's true. Today I feel almost hip.  I wear a lot of knee high boots and flats. They're pretty much my shoe wardrobe but after yet another day of being late to get the kids from school (shocker, I know) I ran out of the house yesterday in my slippers. #momlife. 


Soon it will be cold and snowy (have you seen this weeks forecast??) so my slippers and my flats just won't work much longer but my boots take too much effort to get on when it's 3:45 and you just realized you fell asleep in the couch while attempting the fold laundry mountain and you needed to pick up your kids 10 minutes ago. But I digress.


When we were at Target last night getting the essentials for our survival (fruit snacks for the kids and Cherry Coke for me) and looking for a shatterproof Christmas tree star (thank you Henry and the kitties), I saw a pair of UGG-ish boots.  Now, I always thought they were slightly weird moon boot looking things so I've never had a pair. Seeing that they were (1) warm and (2) easy to pull on I thought I would at least try them on...








Y'all UGG wearers have been holding out on me! Stinkers. They're like warm slippers you can wear outside (and by now y'all should realize that I love me some slippers).


Once I placed my foot in them it may have taken an act of God to pry them from me.  And best yet: THEY WERE ON SALE!!!! #holla

P.S. Don't you love our weird blend of Halloween/Christmas porch decor? 


My sweet husband managed to convince me to put the shoes I came in with on (boo) and placed my brand new beloved boots into our full of baby cart. (Seriously, Sweet Pea in her car seat, Peanut in the child seat, two big kids in either side and Henry dangling precariously off the front. Keeping it real, peeps. Keeping it real.)

Look at that first position! Yep. I danced in a past life. Miss Colleen, Miss Marie and Miss Molly would be so proud.


Now one of my favorite part of my job as photographer is styling the shoot. I can't dress myself worth beans but someone else? Heck yeah! I actually have a few clients that will only shoot with me BECAUSE I help them with their photo outfits and I am totally OK with that.


My favorite places to shop for photo worthy clothes are Target (duh) and Old Navy. (UPDATED TO ADD:  How could I forget one of my favorites?  H&M!) I am morally against spending tons of money on photo shoot clothes. I am also morally opposed to wearing something you would never wear in your real life for photos. I love Pinterest, don't get me wrong. I love those perfect photo shoots as much as the next girl but I don't generally prance around in a blue bonnet field in a ball gown with my husband and 5 children. (Although that would be totally awesome- not going to lie). That maybe someone's story but it's not mine. I want my photos to reflect MY story. (There's that word again...)

I love cute but comfy clothes which is why my mommy wardrobe consists of leggings, yoga pants, jeans, tank tops and cardigan sweaters. I will admit to dressing SLIGHTLY better for my family photos but pretty much it's just me.


I love adding texture to my photos with the wardrobe so I always encourage my clients to add chunky knit sweaters or faux fur vests in the fall and winter and scarves pretty much all year 'round. 


I find that lots of patterns are distracting from beautiful faces so I usually put a floral or a pattern  and then build off there. For my clients I generally say pick moms outfit first and then everyone else's but in our family by far the most difficult to dress is my dear eldest daughter, The Princess of Style: Mimi. 


Oh my word.  


That girl. 


She is HUGE on lots of colors and patterns mixed together topped off with a healthy splash of glitter. Super cute when you're 7 but really grating on your plain Jane mama nerves. 


So I usually pick her outfit first and build everyone off of that.  So far it works for us.  If I can convince her to WEAR the said outfit I picked out. But that's a whole 'nother story...


Anyway, about the boots!  So I woke up this morning to the dog puking (be glad I didn't grab a picture of that!) making us of course LATE AGAIN. I grabbed my mom uniform of leggings (Look, Michelle! I have purple ones now!) and a cardigan and started running/falling down the stairs. When I ran into the mud room there were my semi-beautiful snuggly warm UGG-ish boots awaiting me. Pop them on, grab coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, purses and keys (oh and the children) and rush like a mad woman to the school. So close to being on time today. So close! 


I know it's just a pair of shoes but today it made one thing a little easier. Mom lifeing is hard, yo. Harder than I ever realized when I was a 25 year old newly wed praying for a baby. But I take great joy in the little things that make it easier. I try (stop laughing, I really do TRY) to be mindful of enjoying the moments with my crazy brood of 5 because I know I'll blink and they'll be off to college or getting married. But I won't lie and say sometimes, things as silly as Target UGG-ish boots on a crazy, December morning make a day just a little bit better. And make me feel just a little bit hip. Cause, I mean, who doesn't want to feel a little cute now and the. even when wearing baby spit up all down their front? #truth


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