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As a mom of 5, I know life is crazy. I know how messy, loud and chaotic it can all be. Between carpools and to-do lists, doctors appointments and making dinner,  it's no wonder that something as simple as family photos can easily go by the way side.  BUT, I also know time stops for no one.  I've tried.  Dang, Father Time won't listen anymore than a 2-year old does. 

Photo sessions are for sooooooo much more than the annual Christmas card.  They are for anyone, at any age, and right there in the middle of any season in life.  Now, I l-o-v-e, LOVE those adorable family-with-little-ones images in a field sessions just as much as the next Pinterest junkie BUT my favorite has to be sessions that focus on random times in between.  That's where the real life (the real beauty) lies.  Yep. Right there under the 12-mile long to-do lists and color coded calendars, behind the laundry piled high on your dining table and the missing library books shoved under the couch (not that ever happens at my house... nope... never... ahem.  Moving on!)


I totally understand that you are probably focused on getting through this season of life and you know, keeping the kids alive BUT I assure you a session that tells the story of your life today will be something your children will thank you for later. Pinkie swear promise.

At the end of our session, my dear friend, I want to provide you with something beyond a gorgeous image to share on Facebook or a beautiful portrait to hang on your walls.  I want you to have an equally delicious moment that lives in your heart.   (Oh, and if I'm honest here, maybe a post-great-shoot Snickers bar... Or two... Or twelve.  Same diff. )

I cannot wait to hear from you, to hear your story and to capture your family, one beautiful photograph at a time.. 

believe me... i get it