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where's mom?

That phrase evokes fear in the best of us.  As we huddle in the laundry room devouring the last. piece. of. the Halloween candy... in May while hiding from the tiny army of tornadoes we grew inside our own womb (or in our hearts cause, hello, #adoptionrocks). Those amazing beautiful creatures that we have nursed and nurtured, cuddled and coddled, loved and yes, sometimes loathed, squeezed until their squirmy little bodies contorted into weird shapes and their sweet little voice asks why our belly was "so squishy".  Yeah... you know, those peeps: the kids. 

But this time was a rare occurrence when I wasn't stuffing my face with cane sugar, milk, cocoa butter and whatever "lecitin" is (apparently it's soy and yes, I had to fish a Hershey's bar wrapper out of the garbage can for this) behind the dryer door.  Instead, I was sitting on our couch looking at pictures of last year’s trip to the zoo with my eldest tornado... I mean kid.  

​"What do you mean?" I asked.  

​"Well.  I see me, I see Daddy, I see my brothers and sister, I see Aunt Susie and cousin Liz but I don't see you," she said.  


I looked at the messy pile of finger print covered photos in my lap and spread across my coffee table (hahahaha - did you think I had them organized into scrapbooks or something!??!?).  SHE WAS RIGHT.

​Lucky for you, you have me.  Let me help you take a giant step back from the everyday hustle and bustle and really connect with your family. Let's go to your favorite spot.  Let's get messy in the kitchen!  Let's frollick in the wild flowers, if you so choose.

I am passionate about creating authentic, enduring and inspired images that live not only in your hands and on your walls but also forever in your heart. 

howdy. it's me.